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Fileice Survey Bypass

Are you tiered of completing surveys only for them not to unlock your file?

Having trouble downloading a very important file due to no surveys showing up?

Thanks to our newest tool, you will be able to download everything you want whenever you want!

Download Fileice Survey Bypass Now!

Surveys work by locking the download link with a code, making you have to head on to another website and complete the actions asked so this new website sends a signal to the first website, making the download link unlock and thus your file starts downloading. This method is not new, it has been around for ages now and there have always been ways around the surveys. The reason why most of these exploits fail is because surveys usually update their systems so the exploits become useless. This is where our fileice survey bypass differentiates from the other tools, our fileice survey bypass instead of bypassing the website lock, looks in the internet for a mirror of the file (many times the tools end up being uploaded on the internet after being downloaded) making our fileice survey bypass unable to be patched. The maximum sharecash and other download lockers can do is take extra protection to prevent files from being uploaded on other websites but they will never be able to fully stop this due to high number of users downloading and uploading to somewhere else!


Will promoters still be paid?

The answer is no, as you are not completing any surveys and not downloading directly from download locking websites the promoters wont be paid. That is the reason why I ask everyone not to spread this tool so much, if it gets too popular survey website will eventually get out of business and a new method to lock the files will probably be developed, this is bad because we never know what might come up. It is possible that something unexploitable comes up making our tool useless.


How to use our fileice survey bypass:

Find a download blocked by a survey which you would like to download.

Copy the url of the web page into our fileice survey bypass tool and click generate.

Fileice Survey Bypass will generate a url for the file without the survey lock, this might be really fast or take a while. (Depends on how much time it takes for the tool to find a website with your file).


Important notes:

Fileice survey bypass only works if the file you are looking for is featured in non content lock websites, if the file is only available in content locking websites then the search will end up not finding any web page.

This tool is currently the only working survey bypasser available, all the other tools stopped working with the latest update by content lockers.

If you are having trouble with fileice survey bypass make sure to write your question in our comment section, our team of coders will make sure to help you out with everything you need!


Download Fileice Survey Bypass Now!


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  1. XRndBugX  August 31, 2012

    Working great, nice work!

  2. Lutrex Z  September 1, 2012

    Can’t believe it works! ;DD

  3. Xinbig  September 1, 2012

    Got a lot of stuff to download now, thank you a lot!

  4. Alber  September 1, 2012

    This is amazing stuff.

  5. Jenny  September 1, 2012

    So exited to download all my stuff!

  6. John  September 13, 2012

    Thanks. It’s work 100%


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